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Table 3 Viable transformant counts of E. coli transformants carrying vectors with an undisrupted or disrupted kanamycin selectable marker

From: Altering the selection capabilities of common cloning vectors via restriction enzyme mediated gene disruption

  Viable transformant count (cfu/ml) on medium
Transformant LB LB + Kan LB + Tet
pZErO 2.05 × 109 1.35 × 109 0
pZErO:tetA 1.06 × 107 0 1.07 × 107
  1. Disruptants were created by cloning a tetracycline selectable marker gene into a unique restriction site in the vector encoded kanamycin resistance gene. Transformants were plated onto LB medium supplemented with either kanamycin or tetracycline. cfu; colony forming unit.