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Table 2 Statements in each item measure of engagement dimensions

From: Association of academic performance of premedical students to satisfaction and engagement in a short training program: a cross sectional study presenting gender differences

Response number Statement
V1 When I’m studying, I feel mentally strong
V2 I can continue for a very long time when I am studying
V3 When I study, I feel like I am bursting with energy
V4 When studying, I feel strong and vigorous
V5 When I get up in the morning, I feel like going to class
D1 I find my studies to be full of meaning and purpose
D2 My studies inspire me
D3 I am enthusiastic about my studies
D4 I am proud of my studies
D5 I find my studies challenging
A1 Time flies when I’m studying
A2 When I am studying, I forget everything else around me
A3 I feel happy when I am studying intensively
A4 I can get carried away by my studies