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Table 1 Uptake in the comparison populationa: comparison of uptake in females included in Tabrizi et al. [[9]], Australian population, and modelled population

From: Testing previous model predictions against new data on human papillomavirus vaccination program outcomes

Vaccine uptake Repeat cross-sectional sample in Tabrizi et al.[9] Australian population Modelled population
(females 18–24 years)a (females 18–24 years)a,b (females 18–24 years)a
> = 1 dose 85.6%c 72.4% nad
> = 2 doses [not reported] 63.6% nad
3 doses 70.6%c 52.2% nad
Effectively vaccinatedd    57.7%e (48.8 - 68.6%)f
  1. aFemales aged 18–24 years in 2010–2011b calculated from published data from NHVPR; potentially under-reported [10, 11]c self-reported uptaked Not applicable, as doses are not explicitly modelled; uptake in the model reflects the proportion who are effectively vaccinated ie doses needed to achieve the efficacy levels observed in clinical trialse Main scenario used in original analysis, based on early estimates of coveragef Feasible range used in original analysis, based on early estimates of coverage.