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Table 1 Participant demographics

From: Parasexuality in genitourinary investigations: a qualitative study

ID code Urological problems/procedure(s)
M1 Hesitancy, frequency, PSA test, rectal exam, flow etc.
M2 Frequency, digital examination
M3 Urgency, haematuria, PSA test, cystoscopy
M4 Haematuria, bladder cancer, chemotherapy, bladder reconstruction,
M5 Retention, long term catheter,
M6 Frequency, radiotherapy, hormone therapy (impotence)
M7 Foreskin problems, circumcision, self catheterisation
M8 Swollen testicles, haematuria, cystoscopy, USS
M9 Prostatectomy
M10 PSA test, cystoscopy, biopsy
M12 Blood in urine/sperm, cystoscopy
M13 Frequency, prostate cancer
M14 Haematuria, cystoscopy
M15 Circumcision, cancer, amputation of penis