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Figure 2

From: Capsule deletion via a λ-Red knockout system perturbs biofilm formation and fimbriae expression in Klebsiella pneumoniae MGH 78578

Figure 2

Phenotypic characterization of both capsule deletion mutants. A. Growth curves for the wild-type (WT), ∆wzabc, and ∆cps strains. B. Measurements of uronic acid content in the wild-type, ∆wzabc, and ∆cps strains. Values were normalized by the optical densities of the samples when the measurements were made. C. The susceptibility of the wild-type, ∆wzabc, and ∆cps strains to hydrogen peroxide (left) and polymyxin B (right). Error bars in all three panels denote the standard deviation of three biological replicates.

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