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Table 1 List of strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Capsule deletion via a λ-Red knockout system perturbs biofilm formation and fimbriae expression in Klebsiella pneumoniae MGH 78578

Strains/Plasmids Description Source
K. pneumoniae strains
MGH 78578 Clinical isolate from a pneumonia patient. Parental (wild-type) strain for gene deletion. ATCC
∆wzabc In-frame deletion of wzabc operon (KPN_02510-KPN_02512) This study
∆cps In-frame deletion of capsule biosynthesis cluster ranging from ugd (KPN_02493) to galF (KPN_02515) This study
E. coli strains
Top10 Competent cells for general cloning Life Technologies
pACBSR A p15A replicon plasmid containing an arabinose-inducible λ-Red recombinase and chloramphenicol resistance selection marker [25]
pEXP5-CT General vector containing ampicillin resistance used during sub-cloning to make pACBSR-Hyg Life Technologies
pSecTag/FRT/V5-His Vector containing a promoter-less hygromycin resistance gene Life Technologies
pEXP5-CT-hyg Same as pEXP5-CT, but with the ampicillin resistance marker replaced with a hygromycin resistance marker This study
pCP20 Plasmid bearing a heat-shock inducible FLP recombinase [26]
pIJ773 Template for amplification of the apramycin resistance cassette [27]
pACBSR-Hyg Same as pACBSR, but with the chloramphenicol resistance marker replaced with a hygromycin resistance marker This study
pFLP-Hyg Same as pCP20, but with the pSC101 replicon and chloramphenicol resistance marker of pCP20 replaced with the p15A replicon and hygromycin resistance marker from pACBSR-Hyg This study