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Table 3 Features comparison between Stingray and other annotation pipelines

From: STINGRAY: system for integrated genomic resources and analysis

Preproccesing sequencing output data files X    X X
Proccesing Sanger output files X     
Proccesing NGS output files X    X X
Gene prediction X X X   
Similarity search blast X   X   
Similarity search Hmmer X   X   
Similarity search RPSBlast X   X   
Similarity search Interpro X     
Similarity search PSIBlast X     
Homologs identification X X    
Phylogeny analysis X     
Codon usage analysis X     
tRNA prediction X     
Manual annotation X   X   
Semi-automatic annotation X     
Automatic annotation X X   X X
Friendly interface X   X   
Web platform X    X  
Use of SGBD X    X  
Applet    X   
Browse genome visualization    X   
Jalview visualization    X   
Generate GBFF file X   X   
Generate SeqIn file X   X