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Table 1 Laboratory profile of the patient according to day

From: Organophosphate poisoning presenting with muscular weakness and abdominal pain- a case report

Day **CBC **ECG Serum electrolyte Serum lipase Serum **ALT Serum creatinine **USG of HBS
03 Total count (TC)- 14000/cu mm with normal differentials Normal Normal Not done Not done Not done Not done
05 TC- 30,000/cu mm with Neutrophil 86% Normal Normal except serum K- 3.0 mmol/L 770 **U/L 379 **U/L 0.9 mg/dl Swollen pancreas
  1. **Complete blood count (CBC); Electrocardiogram (ECG); Alanine transaminase (ALT); Ultra sonogram of hepato-billiary System (USG of HBS); Unit/Liter (U/L).