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Table 4 Likely modes of transmission and sources of infection in 52 cases of reported salmonellosis, investigated

From: The response of a local health authority to reported cases of salmonellosis in a Portuguese municipality, 2007 to 2011

Cases by likely Number Percentage
Mode of transmission*   
 Ingestion (of contaminated food or/and water) 44 84.6
 Person-to-person faecal-oral 2 3.9
 Both modes equally likely 0 0.0
 Unknown 6 11.5
Source/vehicle ingested (in 44 cases)*   
 Raw egg/egg products 22 50.0
 Water 18 40.9
 Both sources equally likely 4 9.1
  1. *Judgement made by the authors, based on the analysis of all documents in each individual file.