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Table 2 The five questions of the severity of dependence scale (SDS) adapted for headache medication such that “your drug” in the original scale was substituted for with the relevant headache medication

From: Feasibility of a brief intervention for medication-overuse headache in primary care – a pilot study

1. Do you think your use of your headache medication was out of control?
  (Never/almost never=0, sometimes=1, often=2, always/nearly always=3)
2. Did the prospect of missing a dose make you anxious or worried?
  (Scoring as for question 1)
3. Did you worry about your use of your headache medication?
  (Scoring as for question 1)
4. Did you wish you could stop?
  (Scoring as for question 1)
5. How difficult did you find it to stop or go without your headache medication?
  (Not difficult=0, quite difficult=1, very difficult=2, impossible=3)
  1. Each item is scored on a 4-point scale (0–3), and the total maximum score is 15.