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Table 1 HIV screening among pregnant women registered with NRHM, Satara district, Maharashtra, India

From: Development and pilot testing of HIV screening program integration within public/primary health centers providing antenatal care services in Maharashtra, India

Indicators Pre-intervention Post-intervention P value
Total number of ANC registrations under NRHM 52411 53239  
% women screened for HIV under NRHMa, c 55. 4 79.0 <0.001
Number of functional PHCs in the district 36 36  
% functional PHCs with NRHM supported ICTC facilitiesa, d 47.2 97.2 <0.001
HIV screening by type of ICTC b    
Number of women screened for HIV 29022 42120  
% screened at NACO-supported ICTCs (district/rural hospitals)e 86.3 75.0  
% screened at NRHM-FICTCs (PHCs/SCs/village)e 13.7 23.1 <0.001
% screened at public-private partnership ICTC clinicse 0.0 1.9  
HIV screening at NRHM FICTCs b    
Number of women screened under NRHM -supported ICTCs 3982 9716  
% tested at PHC by laboratory technicianf 100 74.7 <0.001
% tested at SC/village by nursef 0 25.3  
  1. ANC: antenatal care; SC: sub-center; ICTC: integrated counseling and testing center; PHC: primary health center; FICTCs: facility-based integrated counseling and testing center.
  2. aZ-test.
  3. bFisher’s exact test.
  4. cAmong pregnant women registered for ANC at NRHM health facilities.
  5. dAmong the number of 24X7 PHCs.
  6. eAmong total number of pregnant women screened for HIV.
  7. fAmong pregnant women screened for HIV at NRHM facility-based ICTC (PHCs/SCs/village).