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Table 1 ECM proteins used in this study

From: Ring cell migration assay identifies distinct effects of extracellular matrix proteins on cancer cell migration

ECM Stock concentration Final concentration Source
Poly-D-lysine 1 mg/ml 50 μg/ml Sigma P7280
Type I collagen 2.5 mg/ml 100 μg/ml Sigma C9791
Fibronectin 1 mg/ml 20 μg/ml Sigma F1141
Vitronectin 50 μg/ml 2 μg/ml Sigma V8379
Laminin 0.9 mg/ml 10 μg/ml Invitrogen 23017-015
  1. ECM proteins were added at the indicated final concentration in a volume of 500 μl, and left overnight at 4°C.