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Figure 2

From: Genome-wide identification and transcriptional profiling analysis of auxin response-related gene families in cucumber

Figure 2

Domain distribution of CsARF, CsIAA, CsGH3, CsSAUR, and CsLBD gene families on their peptide sequences. (a) CsARF contains a DNA-binding domain (DBD), a middle region (MR), and a C-terminus domain (CTD). MRs rich in glutamine (Q-rich) are activator domains (ADs), whereas those rich in proline, serine, and threonine (PST-rich) are repressor domains (RDs). CsARF17 lacks CTD. (b) CsIAA proteins consist of four domains, I, II, III, and IV, but several members lack one or more of the four domains. (c) CsGH3 proteins contain a highly conservative GH3 domain. (d) CsSAUR proteins contain a highly conservative SAUR domain. (e) The LOB domain of LBD genes consists of three highly conservative regions: C-domain, GAS block, and coiled coil.

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