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Figure 1

From: Interstitial 11q deletion: genomic characterization and neuropsychiatric follow up from early infancy to adolescence and literature review

Figure 1

Cytogenetic, arrayCGH and WISC-III results. (A) QFQ and GTG banded chromosome 11 homologues. The deleted chromosome 11 is on the right. (B) Array-CGH analysis showing 17.2 Mb deletion (Log2ratio: −1.04) at 11q14.3q22.3 (nt 92434272–109584301; hg19, NCBI build 37) (light blue bar) and loss of heterozygosity with 337 single alleles SNP. (C) enlargement of the deleted region (CytoGenomics software Agilent). (D): WISC-III results: Verbal(VIQ), Performance (PIQ) and Total IQ (TIQ) at 9.11 ys and after 2 years of rehabilitation and counselling to parents and teachers as regard as learning abilities.

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