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Table 6 Ranking of the top 10 prolific authors who published in the field of urology and nephrology from the 21 Arab countries or who collaborated with authors located in the Arab countries

From: Assessing urology and nephrology research activity in Arab countries using ISI web of science bibliometric database

SCRa Author Number of published documents Affiliation as shown in ISI web of knowledge last publication
   N (%) = 3176 (100%)  
1 st Ghoneim, M.A 165 (5.2) Mansoura Univ, Dept Urol, Urol & Nephrol Ctr, Mansoura, Egypt
2 nd Shokeir, A.A 116 (3.65) Mansoura Univ, Urol & Nephrol Ctr, Dept Urol, Mansoura, Egypt
3 rd Benchekroun, A 107 (3.37) CHU Ibn Sina, Serv Urol A, Rabat, Morocco
4 th Benjelloun, S 104 (3.28) Ctr Hosp Ibn Rochd, Serv Urol, 25, Rue Rome,Angle Rue Amsterdam, Casablanca, Morocco.
5 th Shafik, A 88 (2.77) Cairo Univ, Dept Surg & Expt Res, Fac Med, Cairo 11121, Egypt
6 th Faik, M 85 (2.68) CHU Rabat, Hop Ibn Sina, Serv Urol A, Rabat, Morocco
7 th Lakrissa, A 74 (2.33) Ibn Sina Hosp, Dept Urol B, Univ Teaching Ctr, Rabat, Morocco
8 th Hachimi, M 72 (2.27) CHU Ibn Sina, Serv Urol, Rabat, Morocco
8 th Joula, A 72 (2.27) CHU Ibnou Rochd, Serv Urol, Casablanca, Morocco
10 th Ayed, M 68 (2.14) Hop Charles Nicolle, Dept Urol, Tunis, Tunisia
  1. Abbreviation: SCR standard competition ranking.
  2. aEqual authors have the same ranking number, and then a gap is left in the ranking numbers.
  3. bPercentage of publications for each author by the total number of documents.