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Table 3 Nurse-based survey: system-based approach

From: Current nursing practice for patients on oral chemotherapy: a multicenter survey in Japan

  Yes No
  n % n %
Patient Orientation     
1. Do you provide orientation to new patients on oral chemotherapy? 25 40.3 37 59.7
Telephone Follow-up     
2. Is it routine to follow up with patients by telephone after they have received their first course of oral chemotherapy? 1 1.6 61 98.4
Emergency Contact     
3. Are patients on oral chemotherapy given an emergency contact number (including for nights/holidays)? 55 88.7 7 11.3
Patient Consultation and Education     
4. Is there any process in place to provide consultation and education to patients on oral chemotherapy? 28 45.2 34 54.8
Education for Emergency Nurses     
5. Does your institution offer learning opportunities for nurses who provide care for patients on oral chemotherapy in the emergency department? 7 11.3 55 88.7
Collaboration Between Chemotherapy and Emergency Nurses     
6. Is there any collaboration system in place for the sharing of information on a patient’s emergency visit between chemotherapy and emergency nurses? 15 24.2 47 75.8
Interdisciplinary Learning     
7. Do you have any interdisciplinary learning opportunities regarding oral chemotherapy? 20 32.3 42 67.7
System-based Approach for Detecting Prescription Errors     
8. Is there any system-based approach for detecting prescription errors? 27 43.5 35 56.5
  1. n=62.