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Figure 3

From: Extraction of high-quality DNA from ethanol-preserved tropical plant tissues

Figure 3

Microscopic analysis of leaf samples conserved in ethanol compared with fresh leaf controls. Cross section of J. curcas leaves observed by light (LM) and transmission electron (TEM) microscopy. (A) Control (LM). (B) Control (TEM). (C) 1 h in ethanol (LM). (D) 1 h in ethanol (TEM). (E) After 30 days in ethanol (LM). (F) After 30 days in ethanol (TEM). Abbreviations are as follows: adaxial epidermis (ade), palisade parenchyma (pp), vascular bundle (vb), spongy parenchyma (sp), abaxial epidermis (abe), nucleus (n), nucleolus (nu), chloroplast (c), and vacuole (v). Arrows: genomic DNA; Bar: LM - 50 μm; TEM - 2 μm.

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