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Table 3 Cross wise logistic regression between some of factors and sexual behavior in participants

From: Estimation of sexual behavior in the 18-to-24-years-old Iranian youth based on a crosswise model study

Sexual relationship (dependent variable) Odds ratio Confidence interval (CI) P value
Sex 0.78 0.509-1.22 0.28
Going away from home (who didn’t leave to who left) 0.98 0.29-3.27 0.98
Age 21 compared with age 18 3.7 1.32-10.50 0.01
Life skills (Who passed to didn’t pass) 0.98 0.29-3.27 0.98
Urban compared with rural 1.20 0.52-2.78 0.66
Pornography materials (Those who watched pornographic materials to those who didn’t watch) 0.91 0.62-1.32 0.64