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Table 1 Literature review of cases of Vincristine-Induced Laryngeal Paralysis (VLP) in whom full dose of vincristine was re-administered

From: Vincristine-induced vocal cord palsy and successful re-treatment in a patient with diffuse large B cell Lymphoma: a case report

Authors Diagnosis Age/Sex Manifestation Airway intervention Duration of paralysis Administration of vincristine
Ahmed et al. [16] Acute lymphoblastic leukemia 2 yr/M Bilateral VCP No 6 months Redeveloped hoarseness on receiving full dose. VCR Ommited
Kuruvilla et al. [11] Rhabdomyosarcoma of testicles 3 yr/M Left VCP No 4 weeks Gradually received complete dose.
Farrugia [14] Acute lymphoblastic leukemia 18 months/F Bilateral VCP No 4 weeks Redeveloped hoarseness on receiving full dose. Dose reduced to 1/3rd subsequently
Burns et al. [17] Hodgkin’s disease 48 yr/M Left VCP No 5 weeks Received full dose uneventfully.