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Table 1 Services received by 50% or more of local health departments in 6 categories of assistance

From: Changes in public health preparedness services provided to local health departments by regional offices in North Carolina: a comparison of two cross-sectional studies

Type of service % of LHDs receiving service
Planning assistance (n = 6)  
Strategic National Stockpile plan development/refinement 95
Communication and liaison assistance (n = 12)  
Hold regular meetings of preparedness Coordinators in the region regarding public health preparedness and response activities 99
Test a telecommunications system 94
Facilitate relationships with local/regional preparedness partners 76
Serve as a liaison between local/regional public health and NC DPH 73
Represent local/regional public health preparedness at meetings held by partner agencies 72
Communicate relevant information from state and national preparedness meetings or professional conferences to the LHD 70
Share contact lists of regional response partners 66
Assist with access to and use of web emergency operations center 65
Training assistance (n = 2)  
Provide information on training opportunities available online or from other agencies 90
Epidemiology and surveillance assistance (n = 10)  
Promote the use of NC Health Alert Network by LHDs 59
Facilitate access to NC Health Alert Network and/or Epidemic Information Exchange 56
Exercise assistance (n = 15)  
Provide guidance to the LHD about exercises 81
Consultation and technical assistance (n = 10)  
Industrial hygiene 51
  1. Abbreviations: NC DPH North Carolina Division of Public Health, LHD Local Health Department.