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Table 1 Experimental design to assess the effect of a probiotic expressing a Shiga toxin receptor mimic on the incidence of edema disease

From: Therapeutic use of a receptor mimic probiotic reduces intestinal Shiga toxin levels in a piglet model of hemolytic uremic syndrome

Experimental group Number of pigsa Pig age at inoculation Inoculation strain Treatment
Probiotic 30 24-26 days S1191c CWF308 (pJCPGb4)
Sham 30 24-26 days S1191c CWF308
Negative control 10 24-26 days 123b None
  1. aEach group represents the cumulative number of pigs from three separate experimental replications. bNon-pathogenic E. coli strain. cSTEC strain.
  2. Three week old piglets were orally inoculated with either pathogenic STEC strain 1191 (probiotic and sham groups) or non-pathogenic E. coli strain 123 (negative control group). STEC inoculated pigs were treated with either a Shiga toxin 2e receptor mimic probiotic (probiotic group) or a sham probiotic strain which lacked the receptor mimic (sham group). Treatment was administered twice daily, and was initiated 24 hours post-inoculation with the STEC strain.