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Table 2 Incidences of clinical disease and vascular lesions in pigs inoculated with Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli and treated with a probiotic strain expressing a Shiga toxin receptor mimic vs. a sham strain lacking the receptor mimic

From: Therapeutic use of a receptor mimic probiotic reduces intestinal Shiga toxin levels in a piglet model of hemolytic uremic syndrome

Experimental group Number of pigsd Incidence of clinical disease Incidence of vascular lesions in brainstem Incidence of vascular lesions in ileum
Probiotica 30 3/30 11/30 17/30
Shamb 30 4/30 17/30 19/30
Negative controlc 10 0/10 0/10 0/10
  1. aInoculated with STEC strain, treated with probiotic. bInoculated with STEC strain, treated with sham. cInoculated with non-pathogenic E. coli strain, no treatment. dSum of three experimental replicates.
  2. Negative control pigs were inoculated with a non-pathogenic, commensal E.coli strain. Probiotic treatment had a tendency to reduce the incidence of vascular lesions in brainstem (p = 0.098); however, treatment with the receptor mimic probiotic did not significantly reduce the incidences of clinical disease or vascular lesions (Fisher’s exact test).