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Table 2 Participants with consultation and decision characteristics

From: Investigating active ingredients in a complex intervention: a nested study within the Patient and Decision Aids (PANDAs) randomised controlled trial for people with type 2 diabetes

Patient Gender Control preference (pre-consultation) Clinician Consultation (minutes) OPTION score Decision Control preference (post-consultation) Decision conflict (post-consultation)
A f collaborative PN 20 31 Add insulin autonomous 0.00
B f collaborative GP 13 15 Current advice* collaborative 12.50
C f autonomous GP 4 10 Current advice* autonomous 0.00
D m autonomous PN 17 30 Current advice* autonomous 25.00
E m passive PN 17 27 Current advice* autonomous 9.38
F m autonomous PN 29 28 Not sure autonomous 0.00
G m passive PN 16 34 Make no change collaborative 25.00
H m collaborative GP 7 15 Add insulin autonomous 0.00
  1. Notes: PN = Practice Nurse, GP = General Practitioner; OPTION (Observing Patient Involvement) score based on 12 item measure, scores range 0 to 48, higher score indicate greater patient involvement in decision taking. *Follow advice about current diabetes therapies (oral medication/lifestyle) more regularly. Decision conflict scores: range = 0–100; low score is better; score below 25 associated with implementing decisions; score above 37.5 associated with decisional delay.