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Table 3 Factor structure of the Thai BQ

From: Preliminary validity and reliability of a Thai Berlin questionnaire in stroke patients

Items Factor loading Eigenvalue % Variance
Factor 1: Snoring behaviour   3.90 35.44
Do you snore? 0.93   
Your snoring is? 0.74   
How often do you snore? 0.79   
Has your snoring ever bothered other people? 0.93   
Has anyone noticed that you quit breathing during your sleep? If yes, how frequently? 0.95   
Factor 2: Sleepiness during driving   2.03 18.49
Have you ever nodded off or fallen asleep while driving a vehicle? 0.98   
How often does this occur? 0.98   
Factor 3: Daytime fatigue   1.40 12.69
How often do you feel tired or fatigued after your sleep? 0.75   
During your waking time, do you feel tired, fatigue or not up to par? 0.79   
Factor 4: Hypertension or obesity   1.05 9.54
Do you have high blood pressure? 0.70   
Do you have BMI ≥ 30 kg/m2? 0.31