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Figure 1

From: Doppler ultrasound findings correlate with tissue vascularity and inflammation in surgical pathology specimens from patients with small intestinal Crohn’s disease

Figure 1

Examples of semiquantitative assessment of bowel wall vascularity using Doppler US according to Limberg score. (A) Grade 0 = no bowel wall thickening, no vascularization; (B) Grade 1 = bowel wall thickening without vascularization; (C) Grade 2 (hypo-flow) = bowel wall thickening with short stretches of vascularity as spots; (D) Grade 3 (hyper-flow) = bowel wall thickening with longer stretches of vascularity; (E) Grade 4 (hyper-flow) = bowel wall thickening with longer stretches of vascularity reaching the mesentery.

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