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Figure 2

From: Doppler ultrasound findings correlate with tissue vascularity and inflammation in surgical pathology specimens from patients with small intestinal Crohn’s disease

Figure 2

Histopathological images quantified using an automated quantitative microscopy integrated system (TissueMorph™ by VisioPharm, Hoersholm, Denmark). (A) Immunohistochemical staining area for the entire cross-sectional analysis was recognized and delineated by TissueMorph™. (B) Determination of positive staining for hematopoietic cells. Immunological staining of cell-membrane markers (left panel) and analysis results (right panel). (C) Evaluation of vasculature. Immunological staining of the vascular walls using factor VIII (left panel) and analysis results (right panel). (D) Determination of fibrosis. The faint blue color of positive Masson trichrome staining (left panel) was enhanced (right panel) and identified for measurement.

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