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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of four patients with common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) complicating Crohn’s-like colitis treated with anti-TNF alpha antibodies

From: Infliximab therapy for Crohn’s-like disease in common variable immunodeficiency complicated by massive intestinal hemorrhage: a case report

Case# Report Age Sex Location of the lesion Colonoscopy finding Pathological findings Previous steroid treatment (outcome)
1 Nos et al. [3] 20 M Ileum, rectum, anus Ulcers Not described Yes (unsuccessful)
2 Nos et al. [3] 24 M Ileum, colon Not described Not described No
3 Vázquez-Morón et al. [6] 33 M Ileum, colon Shallow ulcers Crypt. distortion leucocyte accumulation, depletion of plasma cells, Yes (steroid dependency)
4 Current case 26 M Ileum, colon Deep ulcers, cobble stone-like appearance Crypt. distortion infiltration of T lymphocytes depletion of plasma cells, Yes (unsuccessful)