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Table 1 Distribution and functions of beta adrenergic receptor

From: Relationship between polymorphisms in beta -2 adrenergic receptor gene and ischemic stroke in North Indian Population: a hospital based case control study

Subtype Tissue distribution Functions Gene localization Common functional variants
BAR-2 Lung, Brochial Bronchodilation 5q31-q32 Arg16Gly
Vascular smooth muscle Vasodialation Gln27Glu
Heart Positively inotropic and chronotropic
Uterus Relaxation
Bladder Relaxation
Adipocytes Lipolysis
Eye Increase aqueous humor
Liver Glycogenolysis
Skeletal Muscle Glycogenolysis
Sympathetic terminal Nor-epinephrine release
  1. Abbreviation: BAR beta adrenergic receptor.