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Table 1 Set of the E. coli RNA MTases used as bait in this study

From: Evolutionary and sequence-based relationships in bacterial AdoMet-dependent non-coding RNA methyltransferases

Name Alternative Name(s) Substrate Modification MTase FamilyA Uniprot Reference
RlmA RrmA, YebH 23S rRNA m1G745 Class I (RFM) P36999 [39]
RlmB YfjH 23S rRNA Gm2251 Class IV (SPOUT) P63177 [40]
RlmC RumB, YbjF 23S rRNA m5U747 Class I (RFM) P75817 [41]
RlmD RumA, YgcA 23S rRNA m5U1939 Class I (RMF) P55135 [42]
RlmE FtsJ, MrsF, RrmJ 23S rRNA Um2552 Class IV (SPOUT) P0C0R7 [43]
RlmF YbiN 23S rRNA m6A1618 Class I (RFM) P75782 [44]
RlmG YgjO 23S rRNA m2G1835 Class I (RFM) P42596 [45]
RlmH YbeA 23S rRNA m3Ψ1915 Class IV (SPOUT) P0A8I8 [44]
RlmI YccW 23S rRNA m5C1962 Class I (RFM) P75876 [46]
RlmJ YhiR 23S rRNA m6A2030 Class I (RFM) P37634 [34]
RlmK/L* YcbY 23S rRNA m7G2069 / m2G2445 Class I (RFM) P75864 [4749]
RlmM YgdE 23S rRNA Cm2498 Class I (RFM) P0ADR6 [50]
RlmN YfgB 23S rRNA / tRNAs m2A2503 / m2A37 Radical SAM P36979 [7, 51]
RsmA KsgA 16S rRNA m62A1518 / m62A1519 Class I (RFM) P06992 [52]
RsmB RrmB, YhdB, Sun 16S rRNA m5C967 Class I (RFM) P36929 [53, 54]
RsmC YjjT 16S rRNA m2G1207 Class I (RFM) P39406 [55]
RsmD YhhF 16S rRNA m2G966 Class I (RFM) P0ADX9 [56]
RsmE YggJ 16S rRNA m3U1498 Class IV (SPOUT) P0AGL7 [57]
RsmF YebU 16S rRNA m5C1407 Class I (RFM) P76273 [58]
RsmG GidB 16S rRNA m7G527 Class I (RFM) P0A6U5 [27]
RsmH MraW, YabC 16S rRNA m4C1402 Class I (RFM) P60390 [18]
RsmI YraL 16S rRNA Cm1402 Class I (RFM) P67087 [18]
RsmJ YhiQ 16S rRNA m2G1516 Class I (RFM) P68567 [59]
TrmA RumT tRNAs / tmRNAs m5U54 / m5U341 Class I (RFM) P23003 [9, 60]
TrmB YggH tRNAs m7G46 Class I (RFM) P0A8I5 [61]
TrmD TrmD tRNAs m1G37 Class IV (SPOUT ) P0A873 [62]
TrmH SpoU tRNAs Gm18 Class IV (SPOUT ) P0AGJ2 [63]
TrmJ YfhQ tRNAs Um32 / Cm32 Class IV (SPOUT) P0AE01 [64]
TrmL YibK tRNAs Um34 / Cm34 Class IV (SPOUT) P0AGJ7 [65]
TrmN6 YfiC tRNAs m6A37 Class I (RFM) P31825 [66]
MnmCB YfcK, TrmC tRNAs mnm5U Class I (RFM) P77182 [67, 68]
CmoA YecO tRNAs cmo5U Class I (RFM) P76290 [69]
CmoB YecP tRNAs cmo5U Class I (RFM) P76291 [69]
  1. *We split this fused-domain MTase to assume independent MTases during the homolog search. A) Classification according to amino acid motifs and published structure when available; RFM = Rossmann Fold Methyltransferase; SPOUT = Similar to the SpoU MTase structure. B) Only refers to the N-terminal MTase domain of the bi-functional MnmC protein.