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Table 2 Search output produced by searching sheep-hamster PrP MS sequence data against a curated prion protein database (CD) alone and in conjunction with the public database, Swissprot

From: Fit-for-purpose curated database application in mass spectrometry-based targeted protein identification and validation

Sample CDaonly CD and Swissprot
  Mascot score Peptide identified Mascot score Peptide identified
SDS-PAGE gel band (replicate 1) 4117 12(11)¶ 2232 12(10)
SDS-PAGE gel band (replicate 2) 2734 10(8) 1540 10(7)
  1. ¶Numbers without brackets denote total specific peptide match numbers while numbers in brackets denote significant specific peptide match numbers as per the Mascot search engine.