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Figure 1

From: Virtual screening of gene expression regulatory sites in non-coding regions of the infectious salmon anemia virus

Figure 1

Comparative analysis of the NCR of ISAV. A. Differences in length and sequence among the NCRs of the 8 genomic segments of ISAV. The positions showing variation are represented by vertical colored lines. The color corresponds to the isolates that present such variation in each NCR. Isolate AD, A; Isolate NB, N; Isolate 39, 3, Isolate 98, 9; Isolate GL, G, and Isolate RP, R. B. Consensus sequence of the terminal regions of each NCR. Proportion of each nucleotide is indicated by the font size. Red letters indicate the nucleotides conserved among the isolates studied (intragenus conservation). Red asterisks indicate nucleotides conserved with influenza A (intergenus conservation). Coding region is represented by solid black line.

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