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Table 1 Strength of context surrounding the AUG codons (Kozak sequence) in the mRNA of each segment of ISAV

From: Virtual screening of gene expression regulatory sites in non-coding regions of the infectious salmon anemia virus

Segment AUG context Strenght
1 CUAA GAAUG G Optimal + 0
2 AUAA CC AUG G Optimal + 2
3 UAAG AGAUG G Optimal + 0
4 UUC A AGAUG G Optimal + 1
5 UUAA AGAUG G Optimal + 0
6 GC AA AGAUG G Optimal + 2
7 UC UA C AAUG G Optimal + 2
8 ORF 1 (R, N) UUUA CC AUG A Strong + 2
8 ORF 1 (3, 9, A, G) UC UA CC AUG A Strong + 3
8 ORF 2 AUC A C AAUG G Optimal + 2
  1. Segments 1 to 7 have an optimal sequence for the initiation of protein synthesis; differences were observed only in the number of non-critical nucleotides. ORF 1 of segment 8 has a strong sequence for the initiation of protein synthesis and has 2 variants. The presence of nucleotides matching the Kozak consensus is indicated as follows: bold letters, critical nucleotides; bold-italics, non-critical nucleotides; italics, AUG codon.