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Table 1 Summary of sequence assembly after Illumina sequencing

From: De novo assembly and characterization of the transcriptome in the desiccation-tolerant moss Syntrichia caninervis

Sequenced reads Total number 58,031,432
Total read length (bp) 4,642,514,580
Reads length 90 + 70
GC content 55.09%
Q20 persentage 97.55%
Contigs Total number 162,865
Total length (bp) 46,952,370
Mean length (bp) 288
Contig N50 (bp) 429
Unigenes Total number 92,240
Total length (bp) 45,480,162
Mean length (bp) 493
Unigene N50 (bp) 662
Minimum length (bp) 150
Maximum length (bp) 4,909