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Table 1 ICPC-1 codes used to identify infants who had visited with symptoms potentially suggestive of CMA

From: Suspected cow’s milk allergy in everyday general practice: a retrospective cohort study on health care burden and guideline adherence

A12 Allergy R02 Dyspnoea
A14 Colics in infants R03 Wheezing
A15 Excessive crying infant R07 Sneeze, rhinitis, nasal discharge
A16 Irritable/hyperactive infant R29 Other symptoms respiratory tract
A17 General symptoms/complaints infant R96.01 Airway hyperreactivity
A29 Other general symptoms R97 Allergic rhinitis
D10 Vomiting S06 Local redness/erythema skin
D11 Diarrhea S07 Generalized redness/erythema skin
D12 Constipation S21 Other symptoms/complaints aspect skin
D16 Rectal bleeding S29 Other symptoms/complaints skin/subcutis
D18 Altered defecation S87 Constitutional eczema
D20 Complaints mouth S98 Urticaria
D29 Other symptoms/complaints gastrointestinal tract S99 Other diseases skin/subcutis
F71 Allergic conjunctivitis T04 Nutritional problems infant