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Figure 3

From: Conjugative transfer of ICESde 3396 between three β-hemolytic streptococcal species

Figure 3

ICE Sde 3396:km is chromosomally integrated in SDSE, GBS and GAS. (A) Southern hydridisation of Nde I restricted streptococcal chromosomal DNA probed with R3P. The presence of reactive bands greater than 8.0 kb in GAS and SDSE transconjugants is indicative of chromosomal integration of the ICE. (B) PCR amplification of the terminal region of ICESde3396:km and chromosomally encoded rpl L gene from ICE-negative wild-type GBS (wt), and corresponding ICE-positive transconjugants (tc) from group B streptococcus, demonstrating chromosomal integration of the ICE in transconjugants.

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