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Table 4 Bacterial strains used in this study

From: Conjugative transfer of ICESde 3396 between three β-hemolytic streptococcal species

Strain Emm type/serotype Relevant featuresa Source or reference
S. dysgalactiae subsp. equisimilis (SDSE)    
NS3396 stg480 bcr, ICESde 3396 [25]
NS3396:km stg480 bcr, ICESde 3396:km [15]
GGS10str stg62647 bcr, strr This study
GGS10str/km stg62647 bcr, strr, ICESde 3396:km This study
GGS10 stg62647 bcr [25]
GGS10bc/km stg62647 bcr, ICESde 3396:km This study
G120 stg4831 bcr [15]
MD128 stg93464 bcr [15]
NS1121 stg4831 bcr [15]
NS383 New type bcr [15]
S.pyogenes ( GAS )    
NS235str emm24 strr This study
NS235str/km emm24 strr, ICESde 3396:km This study
NS235sp emm24 spr This study
NS235sp/km emm24 spr, ICESde 3396:km This study
NS1185 N.D   [26]
NS344 emm1   [26]
NS20 emm75.1   [26]
NS351 emm58   [26]
NS672 N.D   [26]
S. agalactiae ( GBS )    
RBH05str V bcr, strr This study
RBH05str/km RBH05 V bcr, strr, ICESde 3396:km bcr [15]
RBH05bc/km V bcr, ICESde 3396:km This study
B36PS IV bcr This study
RBH04 Ia/V bcr [15]
RBH06 II bcr [15]
RBH08 Ia bcr [15]
RBH09 V bcr [15]
RBH10 V bcr [15]
RBH11 III bcr [15]
RBH14 Ib bcr [15]
  1. abc, bacitracin; km, kanamycin; str, streptomycin; sp, spectinomycin. N.D: not determined.