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Table 1 Properties of the identified enzymes useful in RRBS

From: In silico analysis identifies novel restriction enzyme combinations that expand reduced representation bisulfite sequencing CpG coverage

Enzyme Consensus sequence Restriction temp. (°C) Digestion buffer Heat inactivation (°C) Methylation sensitive Catalog number
AluI AG|CT 37 CutSmart 80 No R0137S
BfaI C|TAG 37 CutSmart 80 No R0568S
HaeIII GG|CC 37 CutSmart 80 No R0108S
HpyCH4V TG|CA 37 CutSmart 65 No R0620S
MluCI |AATT 37 CutSmart No No R0538S
MseI T|TAA 37 CutSmart 65 No R0525S
MspI C|CGG 37 CutSmart No No R0106S
TaqI T|CGA 65 CutSmart 80 dam R0149S
CviQI G|TAC 25 NEB 3.1 No No R0639S
CviAII C|ATG 25 CutSmart 65 No R0640S
ApeKI G|CWGC 75 NEB 3.1 No Yes R0643S