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Figure 1

From: Analysis of high fat diet induced genes during mammary gland development: identifying role players in poor prognosis of breast cancer

Figure 1

HFD-induced genes are strongly associated with poor BC prognosis. HFD induced genes from mouse MGs were examined for an association with human BC prognosis using Kaplan Meier survival analysis. Gene expression and survival data was obtained from the NKI (Netherlands Cancer Institute) dataset for each HFD induced gene. 295 breast tumors were divided into two equal-sized groups based on the expression of the indicated gene; one group represented low expression of the gene and the other group represented high expression of the gene. Depicted are 14 out of the 41 analyzed HFD induced genes; only these 14 genes showed significant association with breast cancer prognosis. 13 out of 14 HFD induced genes were significantly associated with a poor prognosis.

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