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Table 3 Genes associated with poor prognosis in non-basal-like breast cancer

From: Analysis of high fat diet induced genes during mammary gland development: identifying role players in poor prognosis of breast cancer

Gene Association P-value
GPNMB Poor prognosis P = 0.0011
CTSL Poor prognosis P = 0.0022
LILRB4 Poor prognosis P = 0.0274
DNMT3A Poor prognosis P = 0.0246
SLC11A1 Poor prognosis P = 0.0461
NCF2 Poor prognosis P = 0.0011
PTPNS1 Poor prognosis P = 0.0008
ITGB2 Poor prognosis P = 0.0013*
CSTB Poor prognosis P = 0.0332
PPGB Poor prognosis P = 0.0009
ADAM8 Poor prognosis P = 0.0007
FCGR3 Poor prognosis P = 0.0053
MMP12 - P = 0.1092
  1. Kaplan Meier analysis was performed with all non-basal breast cancer samples (249) from the NKI dataset and the HFD genes that were found to be associated with prognosis (from Figure 1 and Additional file 1: Table S1). *5 year Kaplan Meier curve was used instead of all time points for ITGB2. Strikingly, 12 out of 13 genes were still strongly associated with poor prognosis in non-basal breast cancer samples.