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Figure 5

From: Cosuppression of the chloroplast localized molecular chaperone HSP90.5 impairs plant development and chloroplast biogenesis in Arabidopsis

Figure 5

Tissue specific cosuppression of HSP90.5 in transgenic lines. Immunoblotting of total soluble proteins (7 μg) from different tissues were analyzed. Anti-FLAG, anti-HSP90.5 or anti-HSP90.2 antibody is used. Plants grown for 3 weeks were analyzed. Wild type (WT), normally growing T3 transgenic lines no. 3 (3G), no. 57 (57G), and variegated transgenic plants no. 3 (3A), no. 57 (57A) and no. 8 (8A) were analyzed. A and B, Examination of different rosette leaves. C, Analysis of different regions of a variegated leaf. The 6th rosette leaf that developed partially albino phenotype was sectioned along the yellowish transition line to separate the albino proximal (P) region from the still green distal (D) region. D, Examination of total soluble proteins extracted from unopened flower buds (B), inflorescence stem (S), the 6th leaf (L) and roots (R).

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