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Figure 8

From: Cosuppression of the chloroplast localized molecular chaperone HSP90.5 impairs plant development and chloroplast biogenesis in Arabidopsis

Figure 8

The growth and development of HSP90.5 cosuppression plants. Wild type (WT) and variegated transgenic plants from lines no. 3 (3A), no. 8 (8A) and no. 57 (57A) were grown under 16/8 hr photoperiod at 110 μmol.m2.sec-1 and 22°C. Error bars represent standard deviation. At least 20 plants from each line were analyzed for A and C. Three independent experiments were performed for B, D, E and F. A, The total number of rosette leaves from plants grown for three weeks. B, Vegetative leaf length (mm) measured for 40-day-old mature plants. C, Ages of plants when they started to bolt and had first flower bud opened. D, Chlorophyll a/b ratios of wild type and variegated line no. 3 rosette leaves. The leaves were sectioned into proximal and distal regions. E, Soluble sugar contents in rosette leaves collected at the end of the day. F, Insoluble starch contents measured as glucose from the rosette leaves collected at the end of the day.

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