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Table 6 Example of a HCA answer matching with the intended item meaning

From: Linguistic validation of the Alberta Context Tool and two measures of research use, for German residential long term care

Wording of the original English item We have private space such as a conference room on this unit or floor (other than at the bedside, in the hallway or medication room) to discuss resident care plans and share knowledge about resident care and best practices.
German wording approved for the cognitive debriefing Wir verfügen über einen nicht öffentlichen Personal- oder Besprechungsraum auf diesem Wohnbereich oder Stockwerk. Diesen können wir nutzen, um über die Pflegeplanungen zu sprechen sowie um Wissen über die optimale Pflege und Betreuung der Bewohner auszutauschen.
English back translation of the German wording We have use of a private staff room or meeting room in the residential care unit or on the floor. We can use this room to discuss resident care plans and to share knowledge about best-practices in caring for residents.
Researcher question (general probe) “Which room did you have in mind? Can you describe it please?”
Participant answer “Well, we have got two ones. One is our office here on the unit. And the second one is our so-called ‘break room’. If we really want to talk about care without interruption and don‘t want residents or family members to enter, we go there. If somebody wants anything, he needs to knock at the door before.”