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Table 3 Analysis of variance (ANOVA) for g (dry cell)/L, mg/L and (mg/L)/h responses for soluble LigB (131-645aa) expression

From: Evaluation of pre-induction temperature, cell growth at induction and IPTG concentration on the expression of a leptospiral protein in E. coli using shaking flasks and microbioreactor

Response R 2 a F calculated b F tabulated c
g (dry cell)/L 0.98 55.3 6.94
mg LigB/L 0.98 43.4 9.28
(mg LigB/L)/h 0.97 32.3 9.28
  1. aR2 = SSModel/SSModel + Residues, bFcal = MSModel/MSResidues, cFtab = F0.05%, df Model, df Residues.
  2. MS = SS/df where MS = mean squares, SS = sum of squares and df = degrees of freedom.