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Table 1 Informants’ demographics

From: Pelvic girdle pain affects the whole life—a qualitative interview study in Norway on women’s experiences with pelvic girdle pain after delivery

Informant Number and/Age of children Marital status PGP debut
A 1/7 months Cohabitant 24th week of pregnancy
B 2/2.5 years and 4 months Married 1: 17th week of pregnancy
2: after delivery
C 2/4 years and 1.5 year Married 8th week of pregnancy
D 1/11 months Married 15th week of pregnancy
E 2/22 years and 11 years Married 1: in connection with delivery
2: 29th week of pregnancy (she said she was really not free from pain from one pregnancy to the other)