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Table 2 Genotyping results of the patient for genes implicated in drug disposition of fluvastatin and/or telmisartan

From: Creatine kinase elevation caused by a combination of fluvastatin and telmisartan in a patient heterozygous for the CYP2C9*3 and ABCC2 -24C > T variants: a case report

Gene Variant Genotype Function in fluvastatin and telmisartan disposition
OATP1B1   Hepatocellular uptake of Fluvastatin
  SLCO1B1 c.521T>C TT  
  SLCO1B1 c.388A>G AG  
OATP1B3   Hepatic uptake of fluvastatin and telmisartan
  SLCO1B3 c.699A>G AA  
OATP2B1   Cellular uptake of telmisartan.
  SLCO2B1 c. 935G>A GG  
  SLCO2B1 c.1457C>T CC  
MRP2 (ABCC2)   Biliary elimination of telmisartan acylglucuronide
  ABCC2 -24C>T CT  
  ABCC2 c.1294G>A GG  
  ABCC2 c.3972C>T CC  
BCRP (ABCG2)   Biliary elimination of telmisartan acylglucuronide
  ABCG2 c421C>T CC  
CYP2C9 * 3   Biliary elimination of fluvastatin.
  CYP2C9 c.1075A>C CT