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Figure 4

From: Thioredoxin 1 as a serum marker for breast cancer and its use in combination with CEA or CA15-3 for improving the sensitivity of breast cancer diagnoses

Figure 4

Changes of serum Trx1, CEA, and CA15-3 levels in patients breast cancer as a function of the progress of the cancer. The individual mean value (n = 3) was depicted as a scatter dot plot. The mean value of each group is shown by horizontal lines, and the 95% of confidence interval (CI) is displayed by vertical lines. Abbreviations: BCL, lobular carcinoma of breast; BCD; ductal carcinoma of breast; NF, normal female; I, II, III; grade 1, II, III of breast cancer, corresponding cancer grades, respectively. The average data of Trx1, CEA, and CA15-3 levels in sera were displayed in panels A, B, and C, respectively.

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