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Table 2 TargetScan analysis of the most deregulated miRNAs

From: Independent effects of sham laparotomy and anesthesia on hepatic microRNA expression in rats

  # miRNA Strongest expression change Putative targets
A. miRNAs similarly deregulated following PH and SL 1 rno-miR-105 1,61 N/A
2 rno-miR-466c 1,53 HLF, NFIB, HHIP
3 rno-miR-483 0,56 IGF1, SMAD4, DLC1
4 rno-miR-133b 0,59 SP3, MAP3K3, FOXC1
5 rno-miR-598-5p 1,4 N/A
B. miRNAs with opposite regulation after PH and SL 1 rno-29a 0,78 TET1, VEGFA, IGF1
C. miRNAs deregulated after SL but not following PH 1 rno-miR-708 1,55 NRAS, KRAS, PPARA
2 rno-miR-511 1,47 N/A
3 rno-miR-224 1,46 SMAD4, SP7, HOXD10
4 rno-miR-337 1,42 NLK, MET, CDK6
  5 rno-miR-484 0,61 BCL2, IRS2, PHKB
  1. The five miRNAs that showed the strongest expression changes from each group in Table 1 were included for putative target analysis using the TargetScan rat algorithm (; Release 6.2, June 2012). The table provides a selection of putative targets. The ranking of microrna expression changes was performed according to the microarray data from Table 1 considering significant expression changes at all time points. For group A expression changes in the PH but not the SL group were used (since these were considered more relevant to the biological mechanisms of liver regeneration). PH – partial hepatectomy, SL – sham laparotomy, N/A – not available.