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Table 3 Goals of learning about MBE

From: Establishing the need and identifying goals for a curriculum in medical business ethics: a survey of students and residents at two medical centers in Missouri

Item: An education in medical business ethics is important insofar as it helps physicians to meet the following goals: MS mean (SD) PG mean (SD) t
To avoid legal problems (e.g., avoid Medicare fraud). 1.83 (.75) 1.87 (.74) -.81
To prioritize patients’ best interests over the financial interests of others (such as 3rd party payers, industry, or physician practices). 1.71 (.79) 1.82 (.83) -2.1*
To foster the common good by being good stewards of limited healthcare dollars. 1.93 (.81) 1.97 (.86) -.90
To achieve their own financial goals as physicians without violating the law or rules for professionalism. 2.10 (.84) 2.12 (.83) -.33
  1. Responses used a 5-point Likert-type scale from 1 (strongly agree) to 5 (strongly disagree).
  2. * = p < .05 MS n = 732, PG n = 380.