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Figure 2

From: Molecular cloning and in-silico characterization of high temperature stress responsive pAPX gene isolated from heat tolerant Indian wheat cv. Raj 3765

Figure 2

Proteomic analysis of T. aestivum pAPX gene . SDS-PAGE analysis representing the Ta pAPX protein expression in E. coli BL21 strain grown at different time periods after IPTG induction (A). Western blot analysis of Ta pAPX protein using Anti-His antibody showing its deduced band of 32 kDa (B). His-tag purification using Ni-NTA column. E- purified recombinant fusion Ta pAPX protein from E. coli BL21 (pET28a-TapAPX), M-Marker (C). PMF of the over-expressed APX protein using MALDI-TOF/TOF (D).

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