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Table 2 Ten active sites of Ta pAPX protein model showing its different residues

From: Molecular cloning and in-silico characterization of high temperature stress responsive pAPX gene isolated from heat tolerant Indian wheat cv. Raj 3765

Site Active site residues
Site 1 Lys164, Ala165, His166, Arg169, Ser170, Phe172, Trp176, Tyr187, Leu200, Leu202, Thr204, Asp205, Leu208, Tyr232, His236
Site 2 Gly43, Thr44, Tyr45, Asp46, Val47, Arg125, Gly127, Arg128, Asp141, Ile142, Phe143, Arg145, Met146
Site 3 Gly29, Cys30, Ala31, Pro32, Ile33, Leu162, Gly163, Lys164, His166, Arg169, Ala175, Pro180, Leu181
Site 4 Pro4, Asn55, Gly116, Arg117, Arg118, Ser120
Site 5 Thr44, His66, Ser68, Asn69, Pro124, Arg125, Glu126, Gly127, Arg128, Leu129, Pro130
Site 6 Glu9, Tyr10, Arg12, Gln13, Lys85, His86, Pro87, Lys88, Val89
Site 7 Thr110, Val111, , Glu112, Lys230, Thr233, Glu234
Site 8 Thr51, Gly52, Val122, Cys123, Pro124, Arg125, Arg128
Site 9 Lys151, Arg216, Tyr217, Leu220, Tyr221, Asp231
Site 10 Ile25, Gly26, Gly29, Cys30, Ala31, Pro32, Val105, Thr106, Leu181